I thank God Almighty first and foremost who preserve our lives, I also thank the board of directors, all academic staff , lecturers and non academic staff . I don't forget to thank our partners, well wishers and students of this prestigious institution. We are nothing without you. We can't do it alone without your support . Every dream and business start as a thought. Also it is always said that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a step. We bless God who transformed our thoughts to reality as it is this day. The little mustard seed grew and become a full flesh intitution which has aim of training young men and women across the globe in their diverts endeavors to meet up with both local and global standard especially in this era of the fourth Industrial Revolution. We want Our students to have the best training and to be able to measure up with the world best institutions in the world. To achieve this, we provide a conducive learning environment with learning kits in place for good learning experience. USTAM institution which Headquarters is located in Republic of Togo is the best in the area and has a capacity to compete with any institution in Africa and in the world at large. We welcome all our undergraduate students to their various faculty of learning to this great citadel of learning and also using the opportunity to invite parents, guardians, tutors to enroll their children and wards into USTAM where training of all facet of life is happening range from Sciences, Technology, social Sciences, Arts and what have you. Entrust your children's future into our hands and go to sleep. You will not regret this action by the grace of God who stand by us. . Long live USTAM ,long live Republic of Togo and long live Africa. Thank you , thank you and God bless you all.

Vice Chancellor,


Welcome to USTAM, a place where academic excellence is our watchword, where greatness begins. It is our passion to produce great future leaders with our numerous academic programs from interdepartmental quizzes and debates to excursions to educative places which would help students see the world not just from the four corners of the classroom, but also from history and the real world itself, among many other activities for students. At Ustam, our students are not taught about the formal education alone but we imbibe morals in them also so as to prepare them to be able to handle real life situations outside school. Our students benefit from our numerous academic courses and skill acquisition programs we host from time to time to further empower our students.



                John, DOE

Welcome to USTAM university,a place where we thrive in an environment that fosters competitiveness, unrestrained scientific inquiry, critical thinking, Innovation and creativity. Here at USTAM university,we have complete autonomy and we are agile, because we are not bound by clunky bureaucracies and externally imposed standards...with all of these qualities mentioned above,this made USTAM university a good and a world class citadel of acquiring knowledge. Been part of the management, helping designing the school around the realms of happiness, positivity, engagement and well being might be hard to even imagine. How do you learn it?and more importantly how do you even teach it? Well, taking a closer look, the main objective is to help students build their self awareness. And as a student,there are some practical tips which will guide you. These includes;
* Have fun: college truly is the best time of your life.
* Don't be ashamed to ask for help
* Stay safe
* Keep parents in the loop.
* Get involved in extracurricular activities.
* Stay focused, especially in academic activities.
* Have a study space.
And finally you won't love everything. ✍🏽.

– ANOMI, Ella

Welcome to USTAM

You are welcome to the USTAM UNIVERSITY, a Pan-African University with campuses in Togo and Benin. The university has grown tremendously, stretching its academic disciplines and research across 5 different faculties and over twenty (20) academic departments.

To be a world class University and a centre of excellence in training, research and service delivery

To promote technological advancement by providing conducive environment for research, teaching and learning engenders development of products that are technologically oriented, self-reliant and relevant to society

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